LIC Merchant are those individuals who are involved in the premium collection process by LIC of India. Merchants work like a link between Policy buyers and LIC of India. LIC merchant looks for details about Premium collection and also updates its details. 

This website is designed for the agents of LIC India who are working online in the LIC portal and who are having access to the Premium collection process by LIC of India to login to LIC Merchant Login and the employee or a CLIA of LIC India. So, if they want to login to the LIC MERCHANT PORTAL they can log in by clicking the above button MERCHANT LOGIN HERE.

How to become a LIC Agent for LIC Merchant Login?


Procedure to become a LIC Agent
LIC agent offline process (LIC agent registration process )

After online registration, you will have to visit your nearest LIC Office. Where your documents will be verified by the officials. After which an interview will be done by the manager of the branch. However, after applying from any process online or offline, this process has to be done. In offline you can do both the registration and verification process simultaneously.

LIC Agent Online Registration (LIC agent recruitment online registration)

For online registration, you can register directly by visiting this link  After clicking on it, a page will open, and on this page, you will be asked to fill your email, name and address, mobile number and date of birth. After this, the employees of LIC make a phone call or email to you. During this contact, you will be explained further procedures and terms and conditions. After the online registration process, you get only the initial information online. After this, you have to go to the LIC office to get other information.

LIC Agent License

After completing all these procedures, you will be declared as an insurance agent by IRDA. There, After which you will be given a license and login ID. After getting the license, you will officially become an agent of LIC.

Benefits of becoming a LIC agent

Extra income: If you want to make more money than your jobs, then becoming an agent of LIC can be a good source of additional income for you. The good thing is, you do not have to leave your existing job. You can do this according to your time because you decide the time to work in it by yourself.

How much commission does a LIC agent get?

If a customer gets his insurance from you, then you get a commission from 2% to 25% in the first year. However, this amount varies according to the terms and policies. Not only this, but you also get this commission till the insurance matures. But the percentage of commission keeps decreasing slightly. Which reduces to about 2 to 7.5 percent in the second year. According to the rule, the percentage of commission decreases slightly every year.

LIC Agent Salary


There is no salary after becoming a LIC agent, but you can make money through commission. According to statistics, many of the top LIC agents earn up to crores within a year. Simply put, the more insurance customers you get to the company, the more your income increases, which is received in the form of commissions and bonuses.

How to check LIC policy online?

If you also have a policy of LIC (LIC or Life Insurance Corporation of India), then you do not need to visit his office to know about his status, maturity, or premium amount, etc.

Now, you can check your LIC policy status online. If you want, to check your LIC Status you can check it by doing an SMS through your phone.

Here’s the step by step process how to check the status of LIC policy:

If you want to know the details of your LIC policy through SMS (SMS) you can follow the steps given below:

  1. You have to SMS on 56677 from your mobile
  2. For example, if you want to know about the premium of your policy then SMS from mobile ASKLIC PREMIUM
  3. If your policy has lapsed then message ASKLIC REVIVAL to know about it
  4. In case if you want to know about the bonus of LIC policy, then message ASKLIC BONUS
  5. If you have taken a loan on LIC policy, then message ASKLIC Loan.
  6. To know the details of the nomination of your LIC policy, message ASKLIC NOM

How to check LIC policy status online?

To check the status of LIC policy online, first of all, you go to the LIC website.

You can also click on this link:

Here you have to make your registration.

If you want to register then click on this link:

You will not have to pay any charge for this.

To register on LIC’s site, you will have to enter your date of birth along with your name, policy number.

Once you register on the LIC site, you can check the status of the policy at any time by opening your account.

If you want, you can call on this number to get more information from LIC: 022 6827 6827.

You can also send to this number by writing LIC HELP <Policy Number>: 9222492224


how to pay lic premium online

LIC gives various Methods to pay LIC premium. Online Payment is the best option to pay LIC premium, many people doing the transaction through Online. We will discuss some of the payment methods further in the article.

These are 7 steps that you can follow to pay LIC premium online.

1. Pay Through ATM

If you are not able to pay LIC premium through offline, then you can easily pay LIC premium through ATM of Axis bank and other specified banks.

You can also pay the Health Insurance plan and online term plan of LIC premium through ATM, but note that the premium under the Salary saving scheme is not accepted.

For Payment, you have to just register for the same bank and check for the availability for paying.

2. National Automated Cleaning House

National Automated Cleaning House is an electronic payment facility from the National Payments Corporation of India.

You have to fill the form of the National Automated Cleaning House and then you have to submit the nearest branch of LIC.

After the form submission, if everything is going well then the payment of LIC Premium will be automatically debited from your bank account.

3. Pay Through Franchises

LIC has various Franchises, where you can do your payment. The list is below:

  • AP online
  • InstaPay
  • Suvidha Infroserve
  • MP online
  • CSC

4. Pay Through Franchises

At first, you have to Download Paytm App or you have to visit the website of Paytm, Then you have to add money on your Paytm wallet through Debit card/ credit card, net banking, UPI, etc.

After adding money on your wallet, you have to select Insurance >> LIC, then enter the Policy number and click on proceed, Then you have to enter the OTP from that Paytm number and your payment will be successful.

5. Pay Through LIC Website

First of all, visit the Official website of LIC. Where you can pay LIC Premium without registering as a customer or having a customer.

  • Pay Direct ( No need to log in)
  • Through Customer portal

A. Pay Direct

This option is only available for those who have not registered in the LIC premium. Visit this website:

You can pay 3 types of payment. The list is below:

  • Loan repayment.
  • Loan interest repayment
  • Premium Payment

Select Premium Payment Option. A pop up will show on your screen, just click on Proceed. Then you have to fill the form where you have to enter policy number, DOB, email id, mobile no. and other details.

After filling the form, check once that the detail is correct or not. If not you have to fill the form again.

Fill the Captcha Box and select I Agree and click on Submit. And, the next page will redirect you on the Payment page.

Choose your payment option from credit card, debit card, Internet banking, Bhim UPI, American express card and Pay.

B. Through Customer Portal

If you’ve chosen this method then first you have to first log-in to the LIC website. And, then select the policy for which you want to pay and then click on Check & Pay.

Then you have to confirm your mobile number/email Id, then click on check & pay. Choose your suitable Payment Gateway and complete your payment.

If you follow the pay direct method then the difference convenience charge taken from the different gateway.

6.LIC Customer App

You can also pay LIC Premium through their LIC Customer App. It follows the same process as we follow in the LIC premium website.

7. Pay LIC Premium Through Merchant

There are some merchants who are joined with the LIC premium payment, which can help you to pay LIC premium. The list is below:

  • Chief Organizers and Retired LIC employees
  • Empower agents who collect premiums through specified premium points
  • LIC Associates and Senior Business Associate who collect premiums through Life Plus Offices


Life Insurance Corporation of India is one of the biggest and reputed companies in India, so working on it gives a lot to learn. There is no doubt that stepping into this career is not risk-free. But you also may know that the more you take the risk the more you gain. Simply put, before becoming a LIC agent it is important for you to know how good is your power to convince and persuade others.

Because this is where talent can make you a successful agent. Not only this, but this job also gives you an opportunity to become financially and mentally strong and you are able to win the challenges easily in your life. If you talk about its target, then you can accomplish it easily by doing a little hard work. Because Life Insurance Corporation of India is the most trusted insurance policy selling company of India, which was established by the Government of India on September 1, 1956.

If you want to log in to LIC Merchant you can click on the above button Merchant Login Here.