LIC is one of the biggest and leading Insurance companies in India. Millions of people already bought different LIC policies, but many peoples are still thinking of purchasing new Policies. Many agents do fraud to there customers and with the company. The new people who are thinking of buying a new policy don’t know how to purchase policy safely? Don’t worry, follow these tips just before purchasing the new LIC Policy.



  1. Whenever you’re buying a new LIC policy, make sure to make the payment in the LIC company’s name. Many agents do fraud with their customers; they take cheque in their name and do the hustle.                     
  2. If you have already bought any LIC policy with your agent, make sure to check your LIC policy status at www.licindia.in every month. Many Fraud agents take money from their customers and do not submit it to LIC Premium. So, it is essential to check your Policy status every month.                                     
  3. This tip is one of the best suggestions because many new customers make this mistake to buy a new policy with reading its Terms and Conditions. It’s imperative to read your policy Terms and conditions and make sure that which kind of policy you want. Because there are many policies like Jeevan Saral and many more from these customers, never got any benefits, but agents get.     
  4. Never share your original LIC policy documents to anyone. LIC never ask for documents to their customer.          
  5. Avoid buying LIC policies through phone calls. Many fraud agents do spam and fake call to the peoples, and they try selling LIC policy through a phone call. Always buy LIC policy in the front of the agent or near LIC Branch.   
  6. If you’re making LIC premium payment, make sure to do it with NEFT or RTGS. I will suggest you make payment through NEFT because it is the safest way to make payments online. You can use this payment method with any Insurance company.
  7.  LIC always says in their Terms and conditions that if anyone has done fraud with you. You can call on their helpline no. And you can make complaints to the police station and near the LIC branch.                        
  8. There are many LIC policies that you can buy directly by yourself through online and nearest LIC branch.

BONUS TIP: There are many Insurance policies available in LIC. You have to read and check all the different categories of policies on which one is good for you. These are the best LIC polices to look forward:

  1. LIC Jeevan Lakshy Plan
  2. LIC New Children’s Money Back Plan
  3. LIC Jeevan Shiromani Plan
  4.  LIC’s New Endowment Plus Plan
  5. LIC’s Jeevan Shanti Plan

 There are some of the best tips to look before buying the LIC policy. I hope you would definitely like our tips to make sure to share it with your friends and relatives.

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